The National Anti-Bullying Alliance defines bullying as:

‘Emotionally harmful behaviour and physically harmful behaviour that is repetitive, wilful, and persistent. It is carried out intentionally to be harmful by an individual or group of people.’

Bullying can be physical, verbal, mental, religious, racist, sexist and regarding sexual orientation. It can happen at any time in and out of school. Bullying is harmful to all those involved and can affect not only young people, but also adults who can be subjected to threatening or intimidating behaviour.

Bullying is contrary to the principles held at Holmfirth High School, (which are linked to British Values (democracy; individual liberty; the rule of law; mutual respect; tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs) and will not be tolerated in any form. Every member of the Holmfirth community has the right to feel and stay safe and bullying prevents this. It is unacceptable in whatever form it takes and will be assertively challenged at our School.

We want Holmfirth to be a ‘Telling’ School and bring any bullying out into the open, where pupils will come forward and stand up to bullying behaviour. All members of the community are actively encouraged to speak out about any incidents of bullying. We want our Students to encourage the victim to tell someone, and that doing nothing is not acceptable behaviour. We want our students to  show their disapproval of bullying and tell the bully to stop if it is safe to do so.

Parents have a responsibility to report any incidents of concern as quickly as possible and to work co-operatively and supportively with the school to resolve issues between students accepting the use of punitive measures and restorative approaches against bullying to achieve a long term solution to the problem.

At Holmfirth we deliver anti-bullying through work within the curriculum as well as staff raising awareness of bullying and strategies to prevent it through tutor time and lessons.

Communication about anti-bullying work occurs through the following:

Termly meetings of the House Councils consist of representatives of all members of the school community. The groups review all aspects of school life, including anti-bullying work, on a regular basis. Members of the groups take their roles seriously and actively seek to promote the values of Holmfirth High School.

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