School Uniform

Students at Holmfirth High must arrive in school with the correct school uniform, worn properly, as described below.

Natashas Huddersfield

1-3, Buxton Way, New St, Huddersfield HD1 2UL
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Kirklees Uniform Exchange

If you need help accessing school uniform, the Uniform Exchange are accepting requests ready for September. To make a request complete the online form via the link below.


Compulsory for boys and girls in all year groups. Student tie colour will be in relation to the colour of their school house.

  • Barson House – Red
  • Paxman House – Blue
  • Taylor House – Green
  • Wainwright House – Yellow


  • All students are to wear a black, v-neck jumper with logo
  • Student House Leaders are to wear a grey, v-neck jumper with logo
  • These are compulsory and should be worn at all times

Shirts / Blouses

  • White with a button up collar suitable for wearing with a tie
  • Top buttons should be fastened


  • Black, full length with logo
  • Trousers must cover the top of the shoe and ankles must be covered


  • Black pleated uniform skirt with logo
  • Skirt length should be no more than 10cm above the knee

Socks / Tights

  • Plain black or grey ankle or knee-length socks
  • Plain black tights


  • One small plain stud earring in each ear Ear tapers, tunnels, plugs and hoops are forbidden
  • No adornments whatsoever (e.g. rings, necklaces or bracelets)
  • Nose studs or other body piercings will not be allowed

Outer Garments

  • Not to be worn inside school
  • To be worn to and from school only
  • Coats should not be denim or have obtrusive logos on them
  • No hoodies or hats / headwear
  • Heads should not be covered indoors (except for religious observance)

Hair & Make Up

  • Hair must be tidy and of a conventional colour and style
  • Hair accessories kept to a minimum
  • Any make up should be discreet and unnoticeable
  • Only clear nail varnish is allowed


Pupils of Holmfirth High School are expected to wear ‘proper’ shoes to school – no trainers or leisure shoes will be allowed. Our policy states that footwear should be:

  • Black, plain, leather / leather effect shoes
  • No trainers or leisure shoes
  • No logos or coloured trims on soles
  • No canvas shoes
  • No high heels or platform shoes
  • No backless or open-toe shoes
  • No boots (e.g. Ugg, knee high)

Frequently Asked Question’s

Why do we have a school Uniform?

Wearing a uniform is a badge of pride. It builds a sense of Holmfirth High School as a community.   It gives students a sense of belonging to our school and creates an identity for our school in the community. Wearing the school uniform correctly also demonstrates a student’s respect for their school and others and contributes towards good school discipline. It teaches students to take pride in their appearance.

Does wearing a uniform help reduce bullying?

A uniform prevents students from having to worry about peer pressure and what clothing they should wear, thereby reducing the incidence of bullying. When everyone wears the same clothes this acts as a social leveller with students wearing the same uniform no matter what their family background or income. The school environment becomes less competitive. We can focus on teaching and learning.

Where can I purchase the school uniform?

Natasha’s and Term Time Wear both sell the school uniform. We are happy for other school uniform suppliers to also offer the uniform.

Will the uniform be available all year round?

Yes, the suppliers are school uniform shops and have stated all aspects of the school uniform will be available to purchase throughout the year.

Is there a contract between the suppliers and the school?

No, the school has no contract with the suppliers. Any supplier is able to stock and sell any item of the school’s uniform. The school would welcome more suppliers stocking the school uniform.

How has the school sought to achieve best value in the uniform?

The school has positively avoided using a single supplier. We invited all local suppliers of school uniform to supply the chosen uniform. The school hopes that more suppliers will offer the uniform in the future to help increase competition and reduce prices. The chosen trouser and skirt is considered to be high quality and will wash and wear better than most alternatives available on the high street.

Does the school have any control over the price of the school uniform?

The school has no control over the price but has placed pressure on the suppliers to keep their margins as low as possible in order that they can sell the uniform at competitive prices.

What price does the trouser/skirt start from?

Entry price with one of the suppliers starts at £12.50 when a £2.00 discount voucher is applied.   This discount is available on every new pair of trousers or skirt that is purchased.

What other action is the school taking to keep prices down and support families?

A school aim is to establish a school uniform shop that sells good condition used uniform that has been donated. This again will help keep prices competitive and affordable.

What assistance is available to support families in purchasing the new uniform?

The school is able to provide a financial contribution towards purchasing the new uniform for those families that need assistance. The contribution would depend on their circumstances.

Who should I contact regarding financial support in purchasing uniform?

Requests should be made in writing to the Assistant Headteacher, Emma Hollingdrake. All such requests will be dealt with sensitively and in confidence.

What is the legal position / legislation on school uniform?

There is no legislation in place; there is DfE guidance and expectation that schools ‘take full account’ of that guidance which our school has followed. A school Governing Body has the ‘power’ to decide a school’s uniform policy.

Do we 'have' to comply with the school's rules on uniform?

Yes.  Our school has explained the rationale for the change and has undertaken consultation over the last two years. The school will have given parents 23 weeks notice come September of the change in uniform. Consequently we would hope for support in ensuring all students are wearing the appropriate items of uniform.

Will there be consequences for students not complying with the school rules?

When a school uniform is agreed by Governors, then if a parent chooses to send their child here, they are agreeing to abide by the policies and rules of the school. The school, therefore, does have the authority to implement sanctions; these will depend on situation and circumstance.

If I still have concerns about the school uniform what should I do?

Please contact the school directly. Senior staff at the school will be very happy to meet with individual parents to discuss their concerns and circumstances and will aim to find a positive solution.