Parents’ Forum

The Parents’ Forum is made up of parents and carers who meet on a regular basis with senior representatives of the school to discuss whole school issues and to provide information, views and support.  We offer a warm welcome to new faces at these meetings and it’s a fantastic way to learn more about the work of the school and influence decisions through open discussion and feedback.

For more information please contact Mr Blezard, Assistant Headteacher.


Parents’ Forum frequently asked questions:

When, where and how often do Parent Forums' meetings take place?

The parents’ forum meetings take place four times a year in the school library, from 6pm – 7:30pm.

Who can attend Parents' Forum meetings?

All parents are welcome to attend. A letter goes out to year 7 parents each year asking them if they would like to join the existing group.

What kind of things are discussed at the meetings?
A wide range of subjects are discussed at the meetings. All are school related and all about moving the school forward. Discussions have taken place about uniform, curriculum and restorative practice.
Will my comments/suggestions make any difference?
Most definitely! We value the views and opinions of the parent forum and they have helped us move the school forward.
I am interested in attending, what do I need to do?
Contact Mr Blezard, Assistant Headteacher for further details