Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

Here you will find our most frequently asked questions by parents along with an informative response.

Q - My child is going to be late/ has a dr/dentist appointment - who do I contact & how?

A – To inform the school that your child is going to be late or has an appointment you will need to contact Keeley Hallworth, the schools’ Attendance Officer.

You can contact the school by…

  • Phoning the Parentline number 01484 691468 (outside of school hours)
  • Phoning the school number 01484 691460 using the absence line extension 244
  • Via email –
Q - When are the teacher training days this year?

A – All our term dates including teacher training days can be found on the ‘School term dates’ page on our website. See link below

Teacher Training Days

Q - When are the school non-uniform days and how will parents be informed of these?

A – Non uniform days are listed on the school calendar once confirmed. The full school calendar can be accessed via the link below.

School calendar

Q - My child has lost xxx - how do we find it?

A – All lost property is handed in to Miss Louise Holden our School Welfare Officer. Her office is located in the school reception and your child can call in any time outside of lesson time to see if their lost item has been handed in.

Q - My child was very upset about something today, who should I talk to?

A – Student welfare is very important to us. We have lots of useful information and guidance online as well a broad range of in-school support services that may be of use to you. Please see the link below for useful online information and information about the services we can offer.

Well-Being Support

As well as the support services we have to offer, you can also contact your child’s form tutor who will be happy to support you and your child.

If you feel your child is upset due to a safeguarding concern, you may wish to contact a member of the safeguarding team directly. You can find the schools safeguarding team on the key school contact’s page linked below.

Key school contacts

Q - How do I get my child some extra help in ....?

A – If you are seeking additional academic support then your child’s subject teacher would be the first point of contact.

For non academic support you may wish to contact your child’s form tutor in the first instance. Alternatively if you are seeking emotional support for your child you may find the link below to our support services useful.

Well-Being Support

Q - My child has misplaced their tie this morning can they borrow one from school?

A – Yes. Students can borrow a tie from school by going to reception however, before students go to reception they will need to get a note in their planner from their form tutor.

Q - How do I contact my child's (subject) teacher?

A – Email communication is used by staff on a daily basis and is a good way of making contact directly with them.

Our staff email addresses follow the format:

For example, if we had a staff member called Andrew Smith, his email address would be:

You can find a full list of your child’s teachers on the school ‘My Ed’ app.

Q - Who are the SLT and what are their roles and responsibilities?

A – Key school contacts including the schools senior leadership team can be found on our Contact Us page via the link below.

Contact Us

Q - Who are the Heads of Departments and Heads of House?

A – Heads of Department can be seen listed on each individual subject page. You can access the subject pages via the link below.


Other key school contacts can be found on our contact us page

Contact Us

Q - How can I inform the school of any changes contact details or home address for myself or child?

A – Each year are invited to sign up to the SIMS Parent data collection platform. We urge parents to check and update their details to inform the school. If your details change at any other point during the year you can also let us know by emailing or phoning the school.

Find our more about SIMS Parent via the link below.

SIMS Parent

Q - If I require a paper copy of anything on the website what should I do?

A – Make contact with the school who will provide with a copy free of charge.


Transition to High School FAQs

Here you will find our most frequently asked questions by parents of students that are transitioning to our school along with an informative response.

Q - Can my child change forms?

A – We do our very best to ensure that your child has a happy and comfortable start. Creating tutor groups is always a difficult job, trying to get the correct balance in each form and then match this group of children to the most suitable tutor and House is complex. As a result, we will not be amending any of the forms prior to September and we ask that all pupils start Year 7 in the forms that they have been allocated and allow September as their settling in period. After this time, if there are still concerns, then a meeting with the form tutor and/or Head of House will be arranged to discuss the best way forward.

Q - My child is the only child coming from his/her primary school – I’m a little worried about this.

A – We understand that this will be worrying for these pupils and parents alike. We hope to provide an opportunity for our ‘solo’ pupils to visit school for a look around and to meet each other. We create ‘solo’ forms where children who are outside priority catchment and in small numbers will be together. This enables pupils to feel as though there is somebody else in their tutor group who has similar worries and concerns about starting school; they may even become good friends.

Q - My child is transgender/non-binary - how does the school look after them?

A – Holmfirth High School welcomes all pupils equally into their school and regardless of their backgrounds we have a philosophy that all children deserve to feel safe and happy at our school. Holmfirth High School acknowledges that there will be LGB, transgender and non-binary people within the school community as pupil, parents, carers, staff and governors. We welcome all young people into the school community and will support these pupils effectively through our pastoral support network. The school has zero tolerance towards any form of bullying, including any transphobic abuse and will deal with such incidents firmly in line with the schools behaviour policy. In addition to this staff are aware of LGBT+ quality and every member of staff is supported if they wish to increase their knowledge through CPD. During the transition phase from Year 6 to Year 7 we welcome parents/carers to contact the school prior to their child starting in September if they wish to discuss anything around LGB, transgender or non-binary procedures.

Q - I am unsure about some of the uniform I need to buy.

A – Please refer to our school uniform webpage which gives further information about our uniform; also, on the transition webpage you will see a video explaining our uniform standards. We strongly recommend that if you are unsure if an item you are buying does not meet our standards, mainly shoes, that you take a picture of these and email your child’s Head of House for clarification prior to buying the item.

School Uniform

Q - Does my child need PE kit straight away?

A – In your child’s first PE lesson they will not need PE kit as they will be meeting their teacher and discussing how PE works at the school. PE kit can be purchased from a number of our suppliers in Huddersfield. However, as a school, we also sell PE kit through the PE department and would usually do this on the transition evening. We still intend to sell PE kit and would encourage parents, where possible, to buy through the school as any profit made does go directly back into the PE department to use on equipment and the up keep of their facilities. For further information on the school PE kit please see the House booklet page 8-9 and our uniform video.

Q - My child is a fussy eater what food will be available for my child?

A – Our fantastic kitchen team work hard to offer a variety of food choices for all our children, they are also always willing to listen to students’ feedback and thoughts on school food. This is done through the form reps and House student leadership meetings. Pupils have a wide variety of hot and cold food available in the dining room and Pod area, alternatively students are welcome to bring a packed lunch which can be eaten in both these areas. Further information is available in the House booklet on page 15.

Q - Can my child bring their mobile phone?

A – We operate a strict policy on mobile phones, students are allowed phones, but they must be turned off and out of sight in bags as soon as they arrive on site. This includes the outdoor areas of the school site. Form tutors will go through the mobile phone policy with pupils and the consequences on their first day with us.

Q - What equipment should my child have?

A – Your child will need the equipment below:

  •  Black or blue pen(s)
  • Purple pen
  • Pencil(s)
  • Rubber
  • Sharpener
  • Ruler
  • Protractor
  • Compass
  • Scientific calculator either – FX83GTX or FX85GTX
  • Coloured pencils (optional)
  • Highlighter(s) (optional)
  • Glue stick (optional)
  • Scissors (optional)

Please note, as a school we provide the optional items to students in lessons when they are required. However, dependent on the current government guidance on sharing of equipment from September this may not be possible so we would encourage students to have their own.

Q - I’m worried my child may be put in the wrong set in subjects where this takes place?

As a school we always use a child’s key stage 2 data and our own baseline assessment* to create our sets. However, due to the Covid-19 outbreak and the closure of schools we understand that this data may not provide us with the most up to date information on a child’s academic ability. Therefore, we will be completing a form of standardised testing with all our year 7 students, the data from this, along with KS2 data and baseline assessments*, will be used to create our sets. Please note that no set is fixed in any of our year groups; teachers and heads of departments will change a child’s set if they feel this will increase the progress and outcomes for that child.
*note not all departments complete baseline assessments.