Key Stage 4 Study Support

This area holds lots of useful information and guidance for both students and parents to help support students throughout Key Stage 4.

Revision Tools

Student Online Learning

Here you can find a summary of a few of the main online learning services we have available for students. We actively encourage parents to be involved in their children’s learning and knowing what resources are available to them can be very useful.

Other Useful revision links:


(username: holmfirth password: echalk)

Get Revising

Smart revision tools proven to boost your grades

Homework High

If you’re a student aged 11-16, we’re here to help with your homework.

Year 11 GCSE Strategy

This space is your one-stop-shop for important information about your final year at Holmfirth High School.

We will post information related to both getting you ready for your examinations as well as help in organising your post-16 applications.

Revision advice from Core Subject

Our Heads of Core subjects have put together some advice and guidance for our students when preparing for their specific mock examinations.

Period 6 Timetable:

Period 6 is compulsory this year as these sessions are being used to help you catch-up with some of the learning that you have missed in Y10 due to lockdown. The sessions run every night except Friday. You will have an extra period on your timetable for the other days. These sessions will be running until Christmas at least, when we will review the situation.


  Week 1 Week 2

MOCK Exams

This year Mock Exams will start on 9 November.

The timetable will be posted here as soon as it is confirmed.

Your teachers will make sure that you know which topics are going to be tested and how to revise for them.

ELEVATE Sessions:

Elevate education will be delivering these sessions in school to help you achieve your potential in your exams this year. Elevate is an experienced coaching organisation that helps equip students with the skills they need to work smarter to get great results.

  • Session 1 – Study Sensei – Tuesday 8 September, Period 1
  • Session 2 – Ace Your Exams – Friday 15 January, Period 1
  • Session 3 – Finishing Line – Monday 8 March, Period 1


Elevate parent’s webinars are also available – the latest one which ran in July can still be accessed via the following link:

Event Title: How to help your child manage their time effectively and overcome distractions when studying

Cost: Free

How to Revise:

GCSEPod website:

We strongly recommend GCSEPod to help you with your revision. These resources are written by experts and enable you to revise and learn on any device by building up your knowledge in sequence.

Create your own personalised playlist to listen to.


Click here to sign into GCSEPod.

GCSEPod Site Tour

Post-16 Providers:

In the first half term, we will be going through how to choose and apply for post-16 courses. There will also be a drop-down day to help you to write your personal statement and begin to organise your applications.

Exams Information: