Post 16 options

Raising of the participation age. All students who are now in Year 11 will need to stay in some form of learning up until their 18th birthday.

What are the options after year 11?


Sixth form

A year 12 and 13 attached to a school. Students can apply to a sixth form even if they haven’t attended the school previously. In Huddersfield the schools with sixth forms are Creative and Media Studio School and Shelley College


Sixth form College

A college aimed at young people between the ages of 16 – 19. In Huddersfield there is Greenhead College and Huddersfield New College


Further education College

An establishment of post 16 education aimed at all ages, in Huddersfield there is Kirklees College



An employed job with training which leads to nationally recognised training. Local vacancies can be found on  and


Part time study

Studying part time whilst working or volunteering for 20 hours or more a week



A programme of work experience of up to 6 months which includes working towards nationally recognised

Year 11 Destinations

Information on where Year 11 leavers from individual secondary schools have progressed onto. The overall Kirklees information can also be viewed here.