Kirklees Stronger Families Programme

We are pleased to announce that all 11 schools in our Hub are working alongside our colleagues in the Kirklees Stronger Families Programme. As such we now have a Stronger Families Consultant based within our schools. Our shared vision for this work is:

“Strong and resilient communities, where families are encouraged and supported in bringing up their children responsibly, so that all members of the family realise their full capabilities and strengths to contribute positively to society and the economy”.

We aim to achieve this by:

  • working with other agencies to ensure resources are used effectively.
  • using assessments and plans to identify and address the needs of the whole family.
  • providing early help to prevent problems from escalating and strengthen resilience.
  • interventions which encourage families to find their own solutions and to become self-reliant.
  • promoting and developing community based and informal channels of support for families.
  • enabling individuals and families to participate fully in society and economic activity.


The Stronger Families Programme in Kirklees supports families who may:

  • Struggle to get their children to school every day or have children who find it hard to manage in a mainstream school
  • Have adults or young people in the household who would like to find work
  • Have family members who are getting into trouble
  • Suffer domestic abuse or violence in their home
  • Suffer with health issues such as poor mental health or substance misuse issues
  • Have a number of agencies providing support in a planned way
You can find out more about the support they offer by reading the leaflet on this page, or go to:

Information sharing

The schools within the HUB intend to work alongside the Stronger Families Consultant by discussing families who they feel could benefit from support from this whole family way of working.  If this way of working may benefit your family we will gain consent from you. If there is a Safeguarding concern, we will follow our safeguarding policy.

If your family are then supported by the programme they will then share your personal information (including your name and date of birth) with the Department for Communities & Local Government (who use it for research purposes). Information will only ever be shared about families involved in the programme.

How will it affect you if you are eligible for the support?

It will not affect your benefits, services or other treatments that you get. Your information will be handled with care in accordance with the law.

Why will my information be shared?

The Stronger Families Programme shares your information to help improve the services your family and other families receive in the future.
To find out more about how your information would be used go to