Curriculum Intent

All pupils:

  • are able to enjoy the study of religions, cultures and traditions from around the world.
  • are able to make outstanding progress.
  • have a sound knowledge of the religions practiced in the UK and beyond.
  • are challenged to answer deep and searching questions about their own beliefs and values.
  • are encouraged to be inquisitive about religions, belief and spirituality.
  • respond to moral and ethical issues, evaluating different opinions and perspectives.
  • develop personal views and the ability to accept and be tolerant of those of others from varying backgrounds, religions and cultures.
  • develop a sense of personal responsibility and respect for society, culture and diversity.
  • become independent and responsible members of society who challenge injustice and unkind behaviour.

Key Stage 3

In year 7 pupils engage with an exciting curriculum that asks the big philosophical questions about existence, purpose and our role as global citizens. Pupils have opportunities to investigate and reflect on personal, religious and non-religious responses to environmental issues, prejudice and discrimination, diversity and ultimate questions. Pupils in year 7 will gain an understanding of what it means to be part of a community and the importance of coexistence and tolerance of other beliefs and understandings. Year 7 pupils will be encouraged to explore their own beliefs and understandings of the world and respond to philosophical questions with justified and informed responses.

In year 8 pupils explore a variety of religious and non-religious beliefs present in modern Britain. Pupils will identify and evaluate different reasons why people do and do not believe in a God or follow religion. Pupils will be challenged to consider their own beliefs, the beliefs of their peers and other groups in society. Pupils will gain an understanding of the importance of religion for some individuals and will debate contrasting views of religious practice and expression around the world making comparisons to the UK. Pupils will start linking ideas of politics, human rights and demographics to religion to create a bigger picture. In year 8 pupils will also focus on environmental issues about human and animal welfare, the unique nature of the human species, our contributions to the world alongside the problems we have caused and medical ethical issues.

In year 9 pupils explore issues surrounding Human Rights, conflict, privilege, discrimination through history and in the modern world, morality and authority. Pupils will also take a deeper look into the atrocities of the Holocaust looking at themes of anti-Semitism, evil, persecution, the Righteous Amongst the Nations and justice. This will hopefully allow us to run a meaningful and well informed departmental trip to the sights associated with the Holocaust later in Key Stage 4. Pupils will also look at themes of diversity in Britain and Philosophy and Morality. The topics covered and skills gained in year 9 will develop pupil’s knowledge and skills for pupils opting to continue their education at GCSE level.

Key Stage 4

Pupils will also study the topics of Community Cohesion; what are human rights, why they are important as well as the topic of Prejudice and discrimination. Pupils will examine laws, case studies and why equality is important, all to develop their understanding of world that they are part of. Throughout these themes pupils will explore religious responses, investigating similarities and differences in religious teachings and sacred texts.

Pupils will also have the opportunity to develop their skills through to GCSE level. Pupils who opt to take RE as a GCSE will continue with core RPSE, but will also have the opportunity to use their skills to gain a GCSE from the AQA exam board. Pupils will complete a Full Course Religious Education GCSE (A). They will study beliefs, teachings and practices of two world religions (Christianity & Islam). Pupils will also cover 4 ethical themes; some of the content will also build upon prior knowledge, however most will new and exciting subject matter to explore. They will have the opportunity to investigate issues surrounding families and relationships, Religion and life, Crime and punishment and a study of peace and conflict.

Key Stage 4 Revision Video

Miss M Durkin

Curriculum Leader

Miss H Clayton

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