Curriculum Intent

All pupils:

  • Enjoy learning about music for its own sake
  • Learn through the language of sound; learning music musically
  • Have a conceptual and practical understanding of the inter-related processes of performing, composing and listening
  • Enjoy signing and use it to develop their critical ear
  • Comprehend the theory that underpins all western art music and write with notation where appropriate
  • Have opportunities to engage in music’s unique creative contribution to our shared culture, society, and economy
  • Study music from across the world and make connections between time, place and culture
  • Have additional opportunities to enhance their own talents through their own musical learning

Key Stage 3

At Key Stage 3 pupils study a broad range of musical genres including: blues; jazz; club dance music; classical; programme music; musical futures in at the deep end; samba; reggae and African drumming to name a few. Students are assessed on their skills in performance, composition, listening, evaluation and notation and focus on the practical application of these skills by learning to play instruments including ukulele, keyboard and guitar and using a range of music technology.

Key Stage 4

At Key Stage 4 music students have the option of two courses. Students can choose to study a GCSE in Music or a Level 2 RockSchool Performer qualification.

The GCSE offers student a well rounded qualification in music. Students are assessed in performance, composition and listening and appraising. Students study four different areas of music: musical forms and devices, music for ensemble, film music and popular music. We study a range of different pieces of music and study two works in depth: ‘Since you’ve been gone’ by Rainbow and the Minuet and Trio from ‘Eine Kleine Nacht Music’ by Mozart. Students learning in a practical way and demonstrate their musical skills throughout the year in a variety of performances.

Students on the RockSchool course focus on their performance skills and study three units; Music Performance Skills; Rehearsal Skills; and Listening Skills. Pupils learn in a practical way and have most lessons at Hope Bank Works in Honley where each group has their own dedicated space. Students take part in a variety of concerts and provide assembly music each day as well as having the opportunity to take part in a live radio broadcast!

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