Setting Target Grades

Early in Year 10, or whenever a new pupil joins the school, pupils are set targets based on their prior attainment at Key Stage 2, staff then review this information and use it to ensure that targets are challenging but achievable for each pupil.

Maximising Pupil Performance at Key Stage 4

At Key Stage 4, pupils’ work is marked in line with GCSE or equivalent specification mark schemes. Alongside any assigned attainment grades, high quality formative feedback will also be given in line with the marking policy. Departments will also undertake moderation and standardisation to ensure accuracy and consistency of marking.

Throughout the year, attainment will be tracked internally against the target grade to ensure that those making good progress are commended and prompt, effective, intervention is put in place to support pupils where there is a concern that they may be underperforming and in danger of not achieving their full potential.

Reporting to Parents

Three times a year parents will receive an update on their child’s progress in school. Parents will receive a Progress Report, a Parents Evening and there will be one Full Report at the end of the school year. They will include:

  • Target grade
  • Current grade relevant to each subject / course
  • Forecast grade based on what the teacher expects the pupil to achieve at the end of the course based on current performance; these should be realistic predictions
  • A judgement as to whether current effort levels are acceptable.
  • Where effort is judged to be below expectations, further details will be provided as to why this is the case e.g. homework, behaviour in class (as is used in Key Stage 3)
  • Form tutor comments (full report only)