School Vision & Values

Enjoy and Achieve

Holmfirth High is an inclusive and academic school which prides itself on helping to develop the whole child. Working closely with parents and carers for the benefit of the children who attend our school is at the very core of our philosophy.

We believe that when parents/ carers select a secondary school their three biggest concerns are:


Will my child be safe?


Will my child by happy?


Will my child learn well inside and outside the classroom?

It is these core values that drive everything we do at Holmfirth High. Put simply we want every child who attends our school to have happy memories of their time with us and for their life chances to be significantly enhanced as a direct result of being a Holmfirth pupil. Our young people are as talented and capable as any cohort at any school in the country and it is for this reason that we believe that nothing is impossible or out of reach for them.

As a school we believe that it is by getting the basics right that a child receives a first class education. For us the basics are:

Attendance }

Very high levels of attendance are vital if outstanding progress is to be made. Children at Holmfirth enjoy coming to school and this means that our levels of attendance are significantly higher than the national average. We expect every child to attend school every day.


At the core of our ethos is the belief that every child (and adult) should always try to be the best version of themselves that they can be. We expect good manners and kindness to be shown to everyone connected to our school at all times. We are a school who supports and cares deeply for all our people (young and old alike). We are not afraid to challenge behaviour that we disapprove of. We believe that effort and the amount we put in to everything we do is something that we can all control. For this reason, we place a heavy emphasis on effort when we report to parents and carers about how their child is doing at Holmfirth High.


Feeling part of a community is critical to educational philosophy. At Holmfirth High we want to help nurture young people who we would all like to live next door in the years to come.


Holmfirth HIgh has a broad and balanced curriculum which helps pupils to discover their likes and talents. We believe in curriculum that promotes high aspirations for all and not one that chases league table points to the detriment of any individual child. Nothing is off limits to Holmfirth pupils who show a genuine passion and love of learning.

We believe in challenging pupils to achieve better than even their most ardent supporters (parents/ carers) believe they are capable of. We do this through an innovative curriculum model and high-quality teaching. Both aim to stretch and challenge every pupil and help them to develop the crucial skill of resilience.

Extra- Curricular

We believe that school is about much more than just what happens in the classroom. Extra- curricular activities play a vital role in enhancing a child’s experience and giving them opportunities to enjoy activities that can be life changing. Our aim is to ensure that every individual pupil takes part so that their school experience is both rich and vibrant.


We are very fortunate to have a great school site with some wonderful facilities who our pupils to enjoy including a theatre and sporting facilities that are the envy of many schools. Our school is well cared for. We believe that the environment that our children and staff enjoy has a significant bearing on their attitude to Holmfirth High. We expect everyone who attends to buy into this ideal


Our ethos permeates everything we do in school. We want the very best of every child at Holmfirth High irrespective or their starting point or background. Every child is full of potential we want to help each individual to lead a happy and successful life.