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Our Vision

We aim to:

Students for life in the modern world so that they are confident digital citizens
Have the skills to safely navigate a digital world
Understand the opportunities available to them by studying IT.

Enjoyment and enthusiasm for IT for all groups of learners
The numbers studying IT subjects at KS4
The opportunities for enrichment and real challenge

Excellent outcomes for all learners
Improved leadership skills through IT
Pride in the work of the department

Key Stage 3

At KS3 Pupils we aim to give students a wide range of digital experiences that will prepare them for a rapidly changing world. This will include aspects of Digital Literacy, where they will use the tools and apps that will allow them to safely and effectively interact with the digital World. To complement this we will look at aspects of Computer Science to give them an awarens of the basic fundamental of how computers work. This will include the basic concepts of programming, as well at looking at the function of hardware and software in computer systems.

In year 8 pupils will be given the opportunity to complete the Duke of York’s Inspiring Digital Enterprise Award at Bronze level. This complementary award to the Duke of Edinburgh Award, focussing on digital skills and concepts. This has been trialled at the school in 2017 and will give students a vital qualification for later life.

Key Stage 4

We hope that the breadth of experience we offer at KS3 prepares students to make informed choices for the two options that are currently available at KS4.

They are:

GCSE Computer Science

This qualification is vital for students who are considering a career in Computing and ICT. The emphasis is on programming skills, computational thinking and algorithm design and concepts, as well as a more detailed look at how computer systems work. This qualification fulfills the Science component for the English Baccalaureate, and will be useful (but not compulsory) for those pupils who wish to study Computer Science at A Level. It is essential that pupils who choose Computer Science have a proven capability at maths, with a predicted grade of at least grade 5.

Certificate in Digital Applications (CIDA).

This is a level 2 course meaning that grades below a Cwill not achive any qualifaction from this course. It is vital that pupils only choose this course if they are are predicted at least a C in ICT\Computing.

This course looks at a range of creative applications in ICT, focussing on Web design, as well as including optional elements such as Art and Images and Computer Game Design. Pupils who wish to go in to creative Digital careers will benefit from this course.

Mr S Knowles

Curriculum Leader

Mr M Pettifer

Exam specifications

What Career?

Digital careers are now many and varied, from systems analysts, data analysts, cyber security, ethical hacking, film, web and game design. All aspects of science, engineering, medicine and maths require high levels of digital and computing skills. From farming to music production, progress is only made through the mastery of computing skills.

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