Work Experience 2018

School funds a work experience placement for all students.

Parents are asked for a voluntary £5 contribution in the autumn term towards the costing of work experience.

The school is charged £33 plus VAT by C&K Careers who complete the paperwork for each placement for our students. This includes a health and safety check to ensure the placement is suitable and a job description is produced with the employer. This charge is levied per placement. As school fund one placement per student, if a student has more than one placement parents/carers will have to pay for one of them.

This costing is for placements in Calderdale, Kirklees, Leeds, Bradford or Wakefield. Outside these areas another company has to be commissioned to check the placement and additional charges will vary between £20 and £90. For any out of area placement parents/carers will have to pay the charges.

If there are likely to be any additional charges then a letter will be sent home informing parents/carers of the amount.