Spectrum is a support service here at school. It offers free and confidential advice on a full range of issues including:

  • Physical health issues
  • Emotional health
  • Bullying
  • Sexual stuff
  • and much more.​

Drop In to the Spectrum

Pupil drop in:

Monday/Wednesday/Friday lunch times

Contact the Spectrum

Lynda Hirst – (Locala School Nurse)


Email: l.hirst@holmfirthhigh.co.uk

All of this communication is kept confidential.

Confidentiality at the Spectrum

What confidentiality means to the workers within Spectrum:-
  • Anything you talk to us about will be treated with respect and understanding and kept secure and private within Spectrum.
  • It can help for more than 1 worker in Spectrum to know about you. Then there is always someone who knows your situation available to help you. This won’t happen without discussing it with you first.
  • Only in exceptional circumstances will we break confidentiality. We are obliged by law to involve other professionals if you or a young person is at risk of being harmed. You will be involved in this process.
  • If you do not understand any of the above please ask a worker to explain it to you.